Blackbill January 2014 Game Fishing Update.

Posted on 24 January 2014 by Lance Manins

January 2014 Game Fishing Update.

Well its time for the Blackbill January 2014 Game Fishing Update and they old adage that you cant win all the time is certainly very true and we certainly gave it a full on crack Friday through Sunday last week.

After finishing a 3 day charter for a 100KG T&R Mako and a number of missed marlin opportunities the previous 3 days ,  the weather for the next trip was pretty crappy Friday and Saturday with a real annoying Swell and wind direction which was not conducive to Livebaiting so Friday saw us pull the pin just after lunch out wide  after playing with a another 100KG mako which was duly dispatched with a tag in its back and we came inside Cape Brett and live baited in close between Waiwiri Rock and Piercy trying to nail that elusive Black marlin in NZ waters.
One of our livebaits got nailed late afternoon but we did not see what the culprit was . A nice oil patch formed but we were only left guessing and wondering what may have been. There are plenty of Kahawai schools in this area so out came the light topwater gear and I nailed my 1st Kingfish on it which was super Noice  ! ! 12KG Kingi in the bin and off home to be smoked Z!
Saturday saw a slight easing with the weather and we managed to spend a full 12 hours live Baiting between out at Queens Buoy and then in closer around the Bird Trench area for Zero.
Sunday …. While flat as a pancake there was bugger all action in the bay and it was only late afternoon when a patch of fish popped there heads up fown by the Ninepin.  We towed the lures through the area and raised the one marlin for the trip which had a crack at the Long Rigger lure 3 times before heading off in the other direction.
So it was not meant to be !! It seems that the fishing has gone pretty cold in the bay over the last week, why I do not understand. Day 3 of the El Dorado and and I think only 6 marlin caught for 22 odd boats which is pretty disappointing.
Never fear though,  we are back out and doing it Sunday / Monday and hopefully by then things have picked up a tad !