Game Fishing Lures

A few years ago I decided that I wanted to see if I could find out a little more about the art of  making game fishing lures and from this has come Blackbill Custom Lures. Little did I know that with a little inquiry and study,  a new obsession would be born and a real desire to in time produce some quality game fishing lures.

  BlackBill Custom Lures was born from this desire and from its humble abode I am now being asked to produce specific custom lures to a clients specific requirements.

More often than not these lures are based on an existing lure. Maybe a  head that for many years has been out of production or is the last one known to be in existence. In some cases its simply a clients favourite lure head that they want slightly weighted and in a specific colour not available ex – production. A custom Mold will be produced and the final lure made to specification.


So whether we need to look at preserving the last known original in the world, or, you want to achieve something a little different out of an existing lure style then give me a call and we van look at whatever your requirements may be. I can create molds of an existing lure or you can utilise in house stock of over 30 molds and designs. Lures are produced on a one off basis as per client order and are not available for ongoing general sale.

So you choose whether you wish to go for a custom insert made from a huge array of finishing materials, colours and designs or go for solid colours in any head shape you want to go for

Kezza Lure 022