The Marlin Have Arrived !

Posted on 17 December 2013 by Lance Manins

The Marlin Have Arrived !

Yes its really true, the Marlin Have Arrived along with the big push that we have been seeing from the East Auckland Currentand  it is starting to make its presence felt in the Bay of Islands and for that matter right down the east coast of New Zealand.

We have just brought El Donna up from Auckland in a big wide arc out wide of the Mokohinaus and report as follows  The Marlin are HERE ! ! !……… and the 1st official marlin for the New Zealand Season cannot be far away !

On Thursday we ran from Auckland to the Mokohinau Islands were we camped for the night and was up at sparrows fart to head out wide. Went through the 155 and it wasnt untill we got out the tight 350 canyons that we finally found some 20 deg water. Made it as far as the bottom of the 1000m canyon entrance where we found the surface longliners and very impressive water. Plenty of skippies and Manta rays etc. Got to 20.8 deg and then set a course for the Knights. 20deg watyer runs right into the Trench area and 250m. Nice levels of bait etc.

Saturday was a big run out the back of the bay. A potential 1st fish of the NZ Season was lost after a 5 hr marathon… Solo angler and 50W vs dead marlin in 450m of water is not good odds. I listened to the guy from the time he called hook up to the final admission of defeat. Pleanty of guys giving him encouragement though which was great to see.

So quite a bit of action out and about for the day . Feeding Stripies in the area as well . Weird water ! Seemed to be a good 20.3 -20.6 sth off Cape Brett where the blue was hooked and then it was dead until you went in closer towards 250m up to the Ninepin trench. More to come in my Blackbill report.

The area to be was in that 350-450m area sth off Cape Brett. It looked minties when we went through there yesterday, unfortunately i made the decision to head out towards the Ninepin Trench for a nosy.

Nothing for us this time round and our chance of grabbing the 1st marlin for he NZ Season is sadly gone now. I would not be surprised to hear that a marlin gets landed over the next few days. We are now safely berthed in a new spot at Opua   “D01” , fuel topped upped and the boat cleaned and Ill hopefully be back up just before xmas.

 Eldonna Opua