Posted on 27 November 2013 by Lance Manins

Well its time for a NZ Game Fishing Update  especially as we get ever closer to Xmas and the start of the New Zealand Game Fishing Season.

There are plenty of positive reports staring to filter in from the Aldermans Islands off Whitianga  through to the back of Great Barrier Island and up to the Bay Of Islands and Houhora right up North.

The 1st report we have come across was of a nice Black Marlin feeding off the close in reefs off Houhora. Its pretty normal for the Balcks to be in this close and bodes well for the rest of the east coast and the famous local haunts for Black Marlin around Taheke Reef and down past Cape Brett to Waiwiri Rock where we cam across a nice Black bailing up the bait schools last season when heading back into port with an Injured Crew member !

Heading further down the coast we have reports of good schools of Skippies out the back of the Nine Pin Trench and a couple of feeding Marlin, we have a possible lost YellowFin Tuna in the Trench NE of the Poor Knights. yes it is true and hopefully means that we finally might get a run of Tuna down the coast this year ! Its been January 2008 since we have seen a YFT on board !

We have the Barrier Knolls holding excellent bait and further south we have further reports of huge concentrations of bait, great water and free jumpers.

The Blue water is heading in and with these concentrated NE winds we are seeing some 20 degree water not far off the coast now.

All in all its shaping up for an early start to the season and possibly a great start right through the coast so dust of those reels and rods, get re-rigging those lures and join us on the start line as we chase  the 1st marlin for the season ! We have been close a couple of times over he last few years so hopefully its got our number on it this time round ?

If you are interested in an early season go at the marlin then give me a call and lets see if we can set you up with a few days out wide  ! ! 0800 400050


This SST is a few days old but shows you whats happening down the coast .