Posted on 21 September 2013 by Lance Manins

They’re Here Chasing A World Record.

Great conditions and very good fishing has been to order for the month of August. Weather conditions have been very favorable overall allowing everyone to get out and amongst it everyday.

Yellowfin have been turning up in better numbers and up to about the 30 to 35 kg mark in the last few weeks of the month. They have required a bit of effort to catch such as running ballyhoo on a downrigger around the F.A.D’s but well worth the effort.

Marlin have been caught pretty consistently in sizes around the 100 + kg mark. Game & Leisure Boats owner Graham McCloy from Queensland and his wife Carman spent some days in mid-August fishing out of Havannah Resort in Havannah Harbor on Nevergiveup chasing the ladies world record marlin on 10 kg tippet fly. They have raised a couple of fish however no cigar.

Mahi- mahi and wahoo have been on and off with no consistent pattern. Some days they are turning up in big numbers and very good sizes and the next day you can go to the same place and it is like someone replaced all the fish that were seeing yesterday with fish of a completely different size.

Calvin from Fiesta Charters in Santo reports they have been experiencing red-hot G.T and wahoo action. They have been picking up wahoo in the 35 to 40kg rang and G.T’s of a similar size and bigger.

We have been extremely busy with live-away charters up to Epi and the Maskelyne Islands and the fishing has been just fantastic. The G.T action on poppers along with dogtooth action in around the reefs has been amazing. Some days we are catching 4 or 5 G.T’s in an hour making for exciting angling.

In around the reefs of Port Vila the action has been consistent on poppers with reasonable G.T, red bass and coral trout action but by far the best has been up around the Maskelyne Islands.

The winds have got up a little with the arrival of our trades which has made it a little bumpy however the fishing is very good even on a four hour charter. The beauty of fishing out of Port Vila is that we have 3 x Fish Aggregating Devices within under an hour of leaving the jetty which are to the west so with the winds predominantly coming from the S/E we are able to get out pretty well every day and fish in comfort.

All the best and come fishing in Vanuatu soon.

Peter Phillipps.

Wild Blue Fishing Charters.

Port Vila.