Broadbill Swordfish

Posted on 8 April 2015 by Lance Manins

The Broadbill Swordfish have arrived on the East Coast of New Zealand and we have been targeting them over the last few weeks with great success. We have been working the Garden patch down to the Nine Pin Trench and had a great weekend over Easter with two coming to the boat for 1st time […]

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Yellowfin Tuna

Posted on 5 January 2015 by Lance Manins

The Yellowfin Tuna have arrived through out the upper East Coast of New Zealand with some excellent specimens of up to 50KG being taken. Yellowfin Tuna have been almost non existant since 2008 so they have made a welcome return to the coastline ! We ran our 1st trip out of the Bay Of Islands […]

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Blackbill January 2014 Game Fishing Update.

Posted on 24 January 2014 by Lance Manins

January 2014 Game Fishing Update. Well its time for the Blackbill January 2014 Game Fishing Update and they old adage that you cant win all the time is certainly very true and we certainly gave it a full on crack Friday through Sunday last week. After finishing a 3 day charter for a 100KG T&R […]

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1st Marlin For The New Zealand Game Fishing Season

Posted on 1 January 2014 by Lance Manins

We are on the board nice and early with the 1st Marlin For The New Zealand Game Fishing Season, so early in fact that we were pipped at the post for the 1st weighed fish nationally by only a couple of hours which made us feel pretty good about this capture. With a nice one […]

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The Marlin Have Arrived !

Posted on 17 December 2013 by Lance Manins

The Marlin Have Arrived ! Yes its really true, the Marlin Have Arrived along with the big push that we have been seeing from the East Auckland Currentand  it is starting to make its presence felt in the Bay of Islands and for that matter right down the east coast of New Zealand. We have […]

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Posted on 27 November 2013 by Lance Manins

Well its time for a NZ Game Fishing Update  especially as we get ever closer to Xmas and the start of the New Zealand Game Fishing Season. There are plenty of positive reports staring to filter in from the Aldermans Islands off Whitianga  through to the back of Great Barrier Island and up to the […]

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New Zealand Sportfishing Council

Posted on 25 October 2013 by Lance Manins

The New Zealand Sportfishing puts out a regular newsletter – Council Current Lines,  23rd October 2013 The moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter aligns with Mars, this is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, the Age of Aquarius. Hmmmm wonder if the song has any influence on the upcoming fishing season. Apparently […]

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Posted on 21 September 2013 by Lance Manins

They’re Here Chasing A World Record. Great conditions and very good fishing has been to order for the month of August. Weather conditions have been very favorable overall allowing everyone to get out and amongst it everyday. Yellowfin have been turning up in better numbers and up to about the 30 to 35 kg mark […]

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Posted on 21 September 2013 by Lance Manins

Bay of Plenty Winter report Home sweet home! While the glitter of everything that represents the Far North is considerable and inviting, it’s always good to return to home waters. By all accounts the fish haven’t been waiting for us and it’s been all go around here on most fronts over the past few weeks/months […]

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Season Predictions

Posted on 20 September 2013 by Lance Manins

Predictions are starting to come in from many in the game Fishing Community on the season ahead and if we will have a predominant West Coast Run of Striped marlin this season or a East Coast run of Blues which usually comes in association with plenty of easterlies which can be a right pain in […]

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